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Session 1: Discover, refine, focus on passion, purpose, >> “Own your why”

Session 2: Foster a transformative mindset with intentional engagements in a digital age

Session 3: Expand social connection, meaningful relationships and sense of mattering

Session 4: Foster grit and empowerment through perseverance and deliberate practice

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REVITALIZE will take you through 4 live training sessions and live progress boosters. The sessions will Level Up your performance personally and professionally. Focusing on heightened self-awareness, managing energy levels, improving relationships, increasing resilience, and controlling mindset; All program sessions are team-based, interactive, fun, and immediately impactful.

Please prepare yourself to be present, focused, and listen attentively. Be honest and respectful… with yourself and others. Be open-minded, vulnerable, and brave.

Be ready to learn, grow, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

This program will direct individual activities like journaling your thoughts, and feelings, and providing honest self-assessment.This deepens the understanding of your current performance level and the things that impact it while providing the foundation for continued growth. Additional team exercises will lay the groundwork for a resilient culture.