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XperienceFusion is the leader in professional training focused on improving the performance of employees living and working in a digital age.

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Our Performance Development System (PDS) drives continuous growth personally and professionally with training, management tools, data and analytics to improve performance and the bottom line.


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Performance Development System

FUSION is XperienceFusion’s Performance Development System (PDS) designed to level-up the cognitive, emotional, and social performance of all employees within a team or company.

Our performance rubric is the engine powering FUSION. This rubric provides a continuous improvement cycle necessary to drive measurable and sustainable growth. FUSION empowers employees to:

GET REAL by deepening the understanding of authentic purpose, passions, and core values

FILL BUCKETS by increasing emotional intelligence around how fusing work and life impacts our energy levels

BE INTENTIONAL by raising cognitive awareness and gaining control of all life’s engagements

FOSTER GRIT by strengthening resilience with meaningful social connections and support networks

DRIVE GROWTH by developing practices and gaining control of mindset


Human-Centered Training Programs combined with essential leadership and management tools

Our Services

XperienceFusion’s one-off services are designed to increase organizational understanding of performance.


This 30-minute motivational presentation serves as a dynamic exploration into the profound influence of the modern digital era on performance dynamics. Through engaging insights and thought-provoking discussions, it SPARKS curiosity within your organization while also shedding light on potential areas necessitating more extensive performance training, thus empowering individuals to adapt and flourish within the ever-evolving digitized landscape. 


This 90-minute workshop serves as an immersive experience, providing your organization with an opportunity to explore specific elements of our REVITALIZE program. By delving into key facets, participants will not only ignite a noticeable spike in performance but also gain a deeper understanding of the overarching value embedded within our comprehensive FUSION system, setting the stage for continued growth and development.


This multi-phased customizable engagement utilizes strategic audits and assessments to baseline the current state of your organization’s employee eXperience. The initial phase will consist of leadership meetings to capture goals and solidify additional onsite scheduling. The next phase will be onsite. You can expect… employee shadowing in their normal working environment,1:1 interviews, and focus sessions with various employee groups. 

The final phase will consolidate, analyze and present findings on collected data in order to provide evidence-based recommendations.


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