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Performance Development System

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Our Performance Development System (PDS) drives continuous growth personally and professionally with training, management tools, data and analytics to improve performance and the bottom line.


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SUSTAIN is a digital, subscription-based program building off of REVITALIZE. It helps leaders create and maintain a sustainable environment for their individual contributors’ growth. Directed interactions and tools will improve individual leader performance, while fostering a sense of mattering and empowerment within their people. This creates a thriving culture based on a universally understood performance rubric.

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A digital platform for Leader development and performance management a period

cultivate a thriving environment

Learning activities and management tools level-up leaders impacting employee morale, motivation, and improving the performance of the entire team.


Software-based learning exercises develop leaders who shape organizational culture by setting the tone, values, and behavioral expectations influencing employee attitudes, engagement, and overall performance.


Software-based tools and resources provide valuable insights, streamline processes, and facilitate informed decision-making, ultimately contributing to enhanced efficiency, productivity and organizational success.


Customizable but universally understood performance measurement fosters a cohesive and goal-aligned workforce, ensuring clarity, consistency and transparency in expectations, driving individual and organizational success.

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