fusion is a comprehensive and evidence-based
Performance Development System

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XperienceFusion’s Performance Development System (PDS) synergistically integrates best-practices from the realms of business, education, wellness, and psychology. Our platform leverages live (in-person and virtual) and digital engagement to level-up employee performance.

3 Programs of the Performance Development System


RevitalizED is a one-time, multi-step, program comprising 4 live (in-person or virtual) training sessions, live virtual progress boosters, leadership sessions, and Key Performance Indicator reviews . All program sessions are team based, fun, impactful, and interactive introducing all teachers and school staff to the foundations of the performance rubric.

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TransformED is a digital, subscription-based program building off of REVITALIZED. It forms the habits that teachers and school staff will need for continual performance improvement. Individually directed interactions coupled with optional growth challenges increase the usage of the performance rubric. This creates educators who level up throughout life and work.


SustainED is a digital, subscription-based program building off of REVITALIZED. It helps principals, district administrators and other school leaders create and maintain a sustainable environment for their teachers and staff. Directed interactions and tools will improve individual leader performance, while fostering a sense of mattering and empowerment within their schools. This creates a thriving culture based on a universally understood performance rubric.

components of the system

Drive company success with human-centered training, continuous development, and management seamlessly integrated into one system.

How is it delivered?

Delivery matters!

The universal adoption of performance development, incorporating live sessions, software integration, comprehensive training modules, and both large-scale and small, focused exercises, creates a versatile and inclusive learning environment. This holistic approach ensures that individuals receive a universally adopted, well-rounded development experience, combining real-time engagement, technological tools, and varied learning formats, ultimately promoting skill mastery, adaptability, and sustained professional growth across diverse settings.

Performance Measurement and assessment

FUSION is built around a specific rubric providing a structured and standardized framework for evaluating and enhancing skills, fostering clarity, consistency, and fairness in assessments. This targeted approach not only aligns expectations but also facilitates focused feedback, enabling individuals to clearly understand their strengths, areas for improvement, and the specific criteria guiding their professional development.

GET REAL by deepening the understanding of authentic purpose, passions, and core values

FILL BUCKETS by increasing emotional intelligence around how fusing work and life impacts our energy levels

BE INTENTIONAL by raising cognitive awareness and gaining control of all life’s engagements

FOSTER GRIT by strengthening resilience with meaningful social connections and support networks

DRIVE GROWTH by developing practices and gaining control of mindset

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