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Our Performance Development System (PDS) drives continuous growth personally and professionally with training, management tools, data and analytics to improve performance and the bottom line.


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TRANSFORM is a digital, subscription-based program building off of REVITALIZE. It forms the habits individual contributors will need for continual performance improvement. Individually directed interactions coupled with optional growth challenges increase the usage of the performance rubric. This creates employees who level up throughout life and work.

The Transform Xperience

A digital platform for Individual Contributor performance development and assesment period

foster continuous growth

Microlearning exercisies provide flexible, personalized, and accessible learning experiences in bite-sized formats, fostering engagement and maximizing behavioural change.

better habits

Facilitate behavioral change by delivering targeted, actionable content in small, manageable increments, which promotes consistent practice and implementation of new habits over time.


Software-based learning programs offer scalability, enabling widespread access to educational resources while facilitating a personalized learning experience.

micro learning

Quick, focused, and easily digestible learning content, make it accessible for busy schedules and enhance retention and application of knowledge.

transform within the Performance Development system

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