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Knowledge Building:

Curiosity is the urge you feel to know or learn more about something, to be inquisitive, and to be ready to figure something out.

When people are highly curious about a fact, they are 30% more likely to recall it. So let’s review some key strategies for leaders to nurture curiosity within their teams.

Strategy 1: Lead with Curiosity

Curiosity is contagious, and as leaders, we must lead by example. Just like children exploring the world, demonstrate your own curiosity by asking questions, seeking out new information, and actively engaging with ideas. When your team sees your genuine interest in learning, they’ll be inspired to adopt a similar mindset.

Strategy 2: Cultivate a Learning Culture

Create an environment where curiosity is celebrated and learning is encouraged. Encourage team members to ask questions, conduct independent research, and actively seek out knowledge. Provide opportunities for growth and development, such as training sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, you empower your team to expand their horizons and embrace new ideas.

Strategy 3: Foster Active Engagement

Promote active participation and engagement with tasks and projects. Encourage team members to actively listen, think critically, and contribute their own perspectives. Create space for open discussions and brainstorming sessions where everyone’s input is valued.

By implementing these strategies, leaders can cultivate curiosity that fuels creativity, innovation, and growth within their teams. Remember, curiosity is the driving force behind discovery and progress, and as leaders, it’s our responsibility to nurture it in ourselves and others.


Set a timer and generate a list of questions for topics you are curious about. The topics can be specific to work or personal life. Pick one topic and create a plan to learn more about it, and apply it in your life.


Rate your current ability to nurture curiosity within your team 1-5 (5 highest).


Take a curiosity quotient quiz to understand what drives your curiosity.