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Drive Growth

Knowledge Building:

Growth is defined as “the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, emotional, socially, or spiritually. It’s the process of increasing value or importance.” –Oxford Languages

Video Script: (218 words)

As human beings, we’re constantly growing, changing, and adapting. Whether we realize it or not, our growth is influenced by our social networks, environments, coaches, media, stressors, work situations, and so many other factors.

So how do you gain an understanding for the process of growth, so that you can shape it, accelerate it, and optimize your performance?

A positive process of growth includes… breaking down and reshaping your self-awareness, being open and receptive to new experiences and change, being courageous, responsible, and compassionate for both self and others. It’s about absorbing new information, initiating a mindset, and evolving practices continually as fresh opportunities arise. Acquiring new skills often involves overcoming challenges and uncertainties.

Get Real, Fill Buckets, Be Intentional, and Foster Grit are core principles which you can leverage to drive growth within your life, both personally and professionally.

Much like in Revitalize, where we explored intentionality with time, purpose, and technology, here, the focus is on driving personal growth with a deliberate process. So, when you feel that life is pushing you around or that you’re in need of a reset within your journey of personal and professional growth, remember the mantra: ‘Pause. Reflect. Play.’ Pause to assess your current state, reflect on your growth opportunities, and play out the best scenarios for your evolving self.



Create and submit a list of the skills you’d like to develop and/or a list of topics you would like to learn more about. Choose skills or topics outside of your comfort zone. Now review the list and apply the framework of the growth process by answering these questions:


Rate your current ability to “Drive Growth” 1-5 (5 highest).