xperience fusion 14

Get Real

Knowledge Building: 

Purpose (n.): The reason for which something is done or for which something/someone exists.

  • A person’s sense of resolve or determination
  • Something or someone’s use or usefulness.


Video script: 

You’ve probably heard phrases like be you, stay true to yourself, or be authentic, but what do they really mean and how do we apply those concepts?!  How do we “get real” with ourselves and with others… both in our personal lives and at work?

In the REVITALIZE program you focused on revealing your authentic purpose. Your purpose is a key component in building your self-awareness. It helps you focus on what matters most in your life. A greater sense of purpose and meaning is not only associated with better physical and mental health, it can help you achieve optimal performance at work. Your purpose drives you! It motivates you to battle through challenges. It helps you establish more meaningful relationships and a more enriching life!  

“Getting real” is a key component in the Fusion performance rubric, so you’ll see and hear it referenced continuously throughout your training. Embrace this concept and you’ll discover how essential and powerful it can be in your life, so let’s get started by participating in the learning activity and challenge below!




Be honest with yourself when completing the self-assessments throughout this program; it’s an essential component and motivator of continuous growth and development. Rate your current ability to “Get Real” 1-5 (5 highest) with yourself and others.



When you are experiencing a stressful situation, use the “Pause, Reflect, Play” concept to identify and document two different ways to approach the situation and make a decision on how to move forward. After you have made a decision and acted upon it, go back to your notes and reflect on the scenario.