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Knowledge Building:

The practice of journaling is writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them better.  

Video script: 

Today, we’re diving into three key strategies to supercharge your reflective journaling game. Let’s get started.

Strategy #1: Mix It Up!

Shake things up by trying the different journaling approaches introduced throughout this program. Experiment with free form, structured prompts, or responding to specific situations. Mixing it up will help you unlock new perspectives and amplify your reflective skills.

Strategy #2: Therapeutic Benefits!

Unlock the therapeutic power of journaling. Use your journal to tackle anxiety, beat stress, and conquer challenges. Leverage it to prioritize concerns, track symptoms, and nurture positive self-talk to realize the true benefits.

Strategy #3: Make it a Habit!

Consistency is key! Make reflective journaling a regular part of your routine. Set aside dedicated time or create a special space for it. This isn’t just about skill development; it’s about empowering yourself through self-awareness.

There you have it, folks—three strategies to level up your reflective journaling. Experiment with the practice, tap into the therapeutic benefits, and make it a habit.  As a leader, this could definitely be a technique to recommend with someone who is facing adversity.  



Set a timer for 5 minutes and reflect on the recent challenging experience in your life.


Rate your current ability to engage in reflective journaling 1-5 (5 highest).