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Mattering (RaRa)

Knowledge Building:

Mattering is defined as the experience of believing & feeling significant to those around us.

Equation for Mattering = feeling valued + adding value.

Video Script: (172 words)

You discovered the formula for “Mattering” during the Revitalize training program.  Today, let’s review those four powerful strategies for leaders to intentionally make their employees feel valued and appreciated.

Strategy 1: Recognition

Identify and acknowledge your team members’ presence, authenticity, strengths, and contributions. Recognize their efforts and achievements, fostering a culture of appreciation and validation.

Strategy 2: Affirmation

Offer emotional support, praise, and encouragement to your employees. Provide reassurance of their capabilities and value, boosting their confidence and morale.

Strategy 3: Respect

Treat your team members with high regard, acknowledging their worth and unique contributions. Cultivate an environment where everyone feels respected and valued, fostering trust and collaboration.

Strategy 4: Appreciation

Express gratitude for your team members’ contributions to the team or company. Recognize their efforts with sincerity and appreciation, reinforcing their sense of purpose and belonging.

By implementing these strategies, leaders can celebrate diversity, build trust, create a positive work environment, and reaffirm open communication. Remember, intentional actions to make employees feel valued lead to increased engagement, productivity, and overall well-being.



Reflect on these 4 strategies.


Rate your current ability to foster “mattering” with your team or organization 1-5 (5 highest).