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Systems of Social Connection

Knowledge Building: 

Social connection (or connectedness) is an essential human need. It’s defined as a state of feeling close to another person or other people. It’s the extent to which one has meaningful, close, and constructive relationships. Lack of social connection poses a significant risk for health, longevity, and overall performance.



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As you explored in the Revitalize program, you likely have a variety of social systems, communities or networks, including: family, friends, work, church, sports, networking, school, and more.  It can be challenging to navigate so many roles, networks, and responsibilities, so here are 3 powerful strategies to enhance your professional presence and success in life:


Strategy 1- Embrace Authenticity. 
Authenticity is the cornerstone of consistency in any role. How you decide to “show up” shapes perceptions within your social and professional networks. Remember, authenticity breeds trust and credibility.


Strategy 2- Establish Clear Boundaries. 
Achieving work-life harmony requires self-awareness for how different social systems impact each other. How does what happens at home impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions at work and vice versa?  In a world of constant connectivity to emails, messages, and notifications, it makes it challenging to “shut it off” or “leave it at the door.”  Be mindful of the unintentional spillover, then set clear boundaries to maintain focus and prevent burnout.


Strategy 3- Prioritize Meaningful Relationships. 
Effective leadership thrives on social connectedness. Prioritize communication, empathy, and inclusivity to foster a positive social environment. While maintaining powerful connections with everyone may be challenging, so be ultra intentional about who and how you connect! 
In summary, embrace authenticity, set clear boundaries, and prioritize meaningful relationships. By implementing these strategies, you’ll elevate your professional presence and cultivate success in your endeavors.



Review your organizational chart OR create a map or set of lists of interconnectedness with your workplace. Identify ways that the people in your department are connected with people in other departments or customer segments to fulfill your mission, vision, values. This could be through projects, products, processes, etc..
Max. file size: 2 MB.


Rate your current ability to “Get Real” 1-5 (5 highest) with yourself and others.

“TEAM” Challenge

Invite your team to participate in the same activity, review the results, and construct a MAP together. This helps your team adopt system-based thinking and double-down on the importance of being intentional with development of social connection and relationships.
Max. file size: 2 MB.