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Team Etiquette

Knowledge Building:

Etiquette is a set of customs, norms, or rules that helps employees engage in civil, polite, and productive behaviors within the team or business. 

How are you and members of your team “showing up” for team engagements? Establishing effective team etiquette is essential for achieving goals and fostering a positive work environment. In today’s video, let’s explore three essential strategies to help leaders develop team etiquette.

Strategy 1: Establish Clear Expectations

Define clear expectations for communication methods, meeting protocols, task assignments, and knowledge sharing within your team. Ensure that every team member understands their responsibilities and the overall team goals, fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Strategy 2: Lead by Example

Model the behaviors and actions you want to see from your team members. Demonstrate punctuality, respect, professionalism, and active listening in your interactions. By leading by example, you set a standard for etiquette within the team and inspire others to follow suit.

Strategy 3: Foster Open Communication

Encourage open and transparent communication among team members. Create a culture where everyone feels comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, and feedback. Establish clear guidelines for virtual meetings, including rules for camera usage, to facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

By establishing clear expectations, leading by example, and fostering open communication, leaders can cultivate a culture of respect, professionalism, and collaboration within their teams.


Set a timer and reflect on the following:


Rate your current ability to establish effective team etiquette 1-5 (5 highest).


As a team, discuss how you’re currently operating and team etiquette. Any topics which need more clarity or support? Consider application of this SOP template with your team.