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What’s In It For ME (WIIFM)

Knowledge Building:

WIIFM is an acronym for “What’s In It For Me” which is an important factor for recipient-centered communication. 

Addressing the “What’s in it for me” factor helps leaders align their vision and goals with those of their team, which drives collective success and fosters a positive work environment. Here are three strategies to keep in mind as you leverage this concept:

Strategy 1: Tailor Information

Tailor your communication to address what your audience needs to know, wants to know, and how the message will impact their lives directly. Providing personalized information ensures clarity and relevance, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Strategy 2: Provide Clarity and Direction

Clearly communicate how the change or information will affect individuals. Offer precise guidance on what actions they should take, empowering them to navigate the situation confidently. This fosters a sense of control and understanding, reducing resistance and uncertainty.

Strategy 3: Motivate and Empower

Highlight the benefits and opportunities associated with the change. Show how it aligns with their values and goals to inspire action and enthusiasm. By demonstrating care and compassion for their concerns, you foster motivation and empowerment within your team.

By tailoring information, providing clarity and direction, and motivating and empowering your audience, leaders can effectively address the “What’s in it for me” factor, fostering engagement and commitment within their teams.


Review the last 2 communications you sent to your team and reflect on their effectiveness. Then, answer these questions:


Rate your current ability to convey the “What’s In It For Me” concept 1-5 (5 highest).


Create a scenario for your team and ask the following questions to help the group engage in the exercise.