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Knowledge Building:

Amy- please recreate this graphic for the digital age (noise is screens, notifications, social media, etc.)  This will be one we can leverage on social media too.

Communication- 101 

Video script: (222 words)

Communication happens everywhere – online, offline, anytime, anywhere. It’s the means for how we share messages, thoughts, emotions, data, and information. Let’s break it down…  

First- it’s important to remember that communication is bidirectional… meaning there is a sender of the message and a receiver or recipient.

As a sender, you decide how to encode or create the message, then you select the channel for sending the message.  Keep in mind that the recipient has to actually receive the message and then decode or interpret your message.  This can be really challenging with so many distractions and notifications in today’s digital age! 

As a receiver, try to interpret or decode the message from the sender, and then provide relevant feedback or actions to keep the communication loop actively engaged. 

Keep in mind that in busy, stressful, and challenging environments, people can cut corners with communication. Fear, anxiety, and negative emotions can interfere with how we encode or decode messages.

For leaders, it’s especially important to pay attention to our emotional status within the moment.  Also, all of the details matter – our words, tone, direction, nonverbals, and posture… everything counts. Remember, every interaction we have with colleagues is an opportunity to lead and empower! So let’s lean into leveling-up communication, which starts with some honest self-reflection for how you’re using it throughout your life.



Reflect on how you communicate with people in your life and answer the following questions.


Rate your current ability to communicate effectively 1-5 (5 highest).


Use a communication style assessment to help understand your own communication style and the styles of your team members. Discuss how different styles can complement each other.