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Personal Credibility

Knowledge Building:

Credibility- the quality of being trusted, inspiring belief, or being convincing. 

Credibility has to be earned, through deliberate and consistent behaviors. It’s not just want you know, it’s how you act. Let’s unpack three powerful strategies to help leaders develop personal and professional credibility:

Strategy 1: Expand Capability and Competence

Focus on developing your skills, knowledge, and expertise in your field. Leverage your strengths and continuously push out of your comfort zone to enhance your capability to perform effectively in your role and achieve desired results.

Strategy 2: Build Credible Track Record

Establish a track record of achievement by consistently delivering on your commitments and exceeding expectations. Demonstrate integrity, reliability, and accountability in all your actions, and actively address any conflicts that may arise to maintain your credibility and trustworthiness.

Strategy 3: Foster Meaningful Connections

Create opportunities to connect with others in your industry, share insights, and learn from their experiences. Cultivate strong relationships with colleagues, mentors, and peers to expand your network, gain valuable perspectives, and enhance your credibility through collaboration and shared learning.

By expanding your capabilities, building a credible track record, and fostering meaningful connections, leaders can strengthen their personal and professional credibility, inspire trust, and drive success in their organizations.


Set a timer and reflect.


Rate the current status of your credibility 1-5 (5 highest).


Form a book club within your department or organization. Select a book that is focused on leadership and credibility and aligns with your specific industry or the mission, vision and values of the organization. In a group discussion, explore the importance of personal credibility, integrity, and ethical leadership and use these discussions to reflect on personal practices or experiences